RV Barn design details:
A: Overall size to be 40' L X 24' 8" W with minimum clearance height of 14'.
B: All material , except trusses to be as follows:
1:Vertical poles to be 6"X 4" tubular steel 3/16" or 1/4" thick.
2: Horizontal perlins to be combination of #1 above and 4"X4" - same thickness.
3: All joints to be welded.
4: Roof and wall to be 26gauge steel panels.
C: Wood trusses to be pre-engineered  with 4/12 pitch
D: Building to be engineered and designed for 120MPH wind (cat 3 hurricane)
E: Building to meet all Fl. State and Nassau County specifications.
F: Building to cover existing
4" thick concrete pad.

Notes: Plans submitted to County 1 October 2009, permits received after $$$ 13 October.
Began construction - drilling 4' X 20" holes 21 October 2009.

All steel , except vertical poles, is reclaimed steel that I cleaned and primed with Rustolem
Primer. It took me two weeks to complete this step and was complete before drilling holes.