It has been said that a Web Page is never finished but rather a work in progress – therefore check back often to see the changes, additions, etc. This web site will have information about our families, Reunions (past and future), and, genealogy information. Some photo’s will also be included.
This site is being developed as an extension of our web site ( at no cost to the DeWitt Reunion and related families, therefore, the responsibility and content is solely controlled by webmasters Fred and Patti Sanders – however, your input is sincerely requested.
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WELCOME to the DeWitt family web site

(Our family consists of the following: Yarley, Sanders, Blackwell, DeWitt, Rutland,
Hogan, Glover, Moore, Anderson, Reiff, Smith, Fort, Hord, Remley,  Gerger,
Mears,  LaHood, Cook  
and so many, many more families)

Our Family Reunions will be discontinued until a later date due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threats.  

We will notify all families when a Reunion is planned.

Please keep in touch with your families and stay healthy.

The 64th DeWitt Family Reunion will be held Saturday,
October 05, 2019 at the Guyton Christian Church,
301 Pine Street, Guyton, GA

President for 2019 is  Larry Fort.

(Note)  Larry is a grandson of Ivey DeWitt and Lawrence Fort.  Ivey DeWitt was a grand Daughter of Jacob DeWitt.

The doors to the church fellowship hall will be open at 09:00AM for our 64th DeWitt
Reunion that begins at 09:00AM
 in a nice air conditioned building (featuring a full
kitchen and bathrooms) with plenty of tables and chairs. Come early to help set-up and
meet and greet and please see Patti to verify your information – SIGN the Check-in log.
Please urge all of your family members to attend this reunion. Our annual covered dish
dinner will follow “Stories of the DeWitt Family History”, a short meeting and prizes. It
is requested that you bring your favorite dishes to share with others. The attendance
for this great Family Reunion has been declining for the last several years and it is
hoped that everyone will encourage the entire family including children and
grandchildren to attend.  If you have other media contacts such as Facebook ETC, feel
free to notify all of your kin about this reunion. With your help, we can make the 64th
Reunion a grand time!!  Note: 
please consider staying after the meal for visiting and
clean up.

It is requested that you bring any old family history (Bibles, photos, etc) to share with
others. Patti and I are always looking for missing or correcting genealogical
information concerning the “Family”.  If anyone knows of a birth, death, marriage or
address change in your families, please let us know so we can keep the records up to
 Our only updates for deaths, marriages, births, ETC,  are from you, the family
member as we may not have sources for your area. 
 We will not give out Any living
person’s personal information (birth dates, places of birth etc) that we share with
, however this information is needed for our records. Remember, the majority of
this “private” information is made public after approximately 75 years.

We will be happy to share our info with you for your family, but not an entire download.
We answer all E-Mail requests concerning the family. Contact us at: or

Two family members have completed the DNA testing for further Genealogy research –
one for the DeWitt Family and one for the Sanders family.  If any one else is interested
in this project or have completed the tests, please contact us.
See you there. . . . .

63rd DeWitt Reunion comments:  It was great visiting with each and everyone of our Family.  
With the earlier meeting time and dinner, we had longer to just “Visit”. It would be nice if more
“Family” would come earlier and spend more time visiting with our large family.  I am happy to
say we had a total of 19 (that signed in) attending this reunion – plus lot’s of prizes.
Note: it is very important that you sign in and please check with Patti to insure your address
and E-Mail address are correct.  
Fred and Patti Sanders

At our 2010 meeting, it was agreed that the meeting minutes,
genealogy information and current pictures of our members could be
posted on this web site as long as it was in a secure area.

Below is a link to the secured pages of the DeWitt Family Web Site.
Access information will be sent to each member that we have an
E-Mail address for.  If additional family members require access,
please have them contact us at the following email address:

Genealogy  – what is it?
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“Genealogy (from Greek: γενεά, genea, “generation”; and λόγος, logos, “knowledge”) is the
study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Genealogists use oral
traditions, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about
a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members. The results are often
displayed in charts or written as narratives.

The pursuit of family history tends to be shaped by several motivations, including the desire
to carve out a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture, a sense of responsibility
to preserve the past for future generations, and a sense of self-satisfaction in accurate

Some scholars[who?] differentiate between genealogy and family history, limiting genealogy
to an account of kinship, while using “family history” to denote the provision of additional
details about lives and historical context.

Historically, in Western societies the focus of genealogy was on the kinship and descent of
rulers and nobles, often arguing or demonstrating the legitimacy of claims to wealth and
power. The term often overlapped with heraldry, in which the ancestry of royalty was
reflected in their coats of arms.”

Sons of the Confederacy information: Any male who is a descendent of
Jacob Asbury DeWitt (either father or mother) most likely will qualify to become a
member of a local camp.  Contact us for more information.

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