Our Hobbies and Other Interest

Patti and I both are licensed amateur radio operators – We both hold an Extra Class license.
Therefore, that is one of our main hobbies. Being ‘hams’ we have several rallies during the
year at various locations to ‘Meet and Greet’. Through amateur radio, we are able to remain in
contact with our friends through out the world.

Fred is involved with digital communications, digital photography, computers, hiking,
geocaching and ‘running his mouth’. He is the curious one, always wants to know what is
around the corner and what is over the hill – there fore, we travel when ever and where ever

Patti is the crafty one – always knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing – any thing using needles.
She was recycling plastic bags (Walmart, grocery store bags) into hand bags and hats. Watch
this page for pictures of her “STUFF”!

Patti and I both are interested in genealogy. We have quite a listing of the following names:
Passmore, Carleton, Warters, DeWitt, Yarley, Sanders, Blackwell, Schanbacher, Klee,
O’Steen, Hughes, Moore, Fort and many others. Fred’s family is from VA, NC, SC, GA, and
FL. Patti’s family is mainly from PA and NY. We have family histories back to the 1700’s
and constantly searching for more information. One day, a book, we hope. . .

There is a DeWitt family reunion every year, 2nd Saturday of October at the Guyton
Christian Church – all family members are welcome. Send us a E-Mail for information.

Normal Baby

Premee clothes – custom designed and

Patti’s latest design